Married Women In Different Cultures And Religions
Thai Married Women
Thai Married Women
  Traditional Thai marriage has been considered highly important for Thai lifestyles and cultures. It indicates the maturity of both parties who are getting married, with more responsibilities and read to have a family of their own. They must be responsible for more lives they would create and must act as a leader of the family.

The ritual wedding is an important and an appropriate part of a traditional Thai wedding as it represents prosperity of cultures and spirits of the society resulting from the dedicated minds of the perceptive Thai ancestors.

A married woman should obey the following once married:

  • Be faithful to her husband.
  • A married woman is not allowed to remarry when they are still married to other man by law.
  • A widow can only remarry after:
    • The marriage or the death of the partner has ended at least 310 day;
    • She at the meantime, has already delivered her child;
    • She remarry to her ex-husband;
    • She possess a confirmation letter for a doctor, with a degree or certification, stating that she is not pregnant, and
    • She is authorized by the court to remarry.

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