Married Women In Different Cultures And Religions
Polygamy Married Women
Polygamy Married Women
  Polygamy has been practiced by mankind for many thousand of years. It is where the state of marriage in which there is one husband and two or more wives. Many ancient Israelites were polygamous. Our history has recorded that some men have more then hundreds of wives.

Some advices were given by some Jewish wise men states that no man should marry more than four wives in his entire life. There are no rulings in the early society that had any restrictions on the number of wives or put any conditions about how they were to be treated.

Polygamy raises concerns in the society. In many times polygamy relations put strains between the relationship of the wives and the husband. Many married women in polygamy are subject to abuse and harassment by their husband if they do not meet their needs and wants including their sexual needs. At times due to the numbers of wives sharing on the husband, jealousy is often a very big issue.

A married woman to a man with other wives is forced to have an extremely strong sense of who is really is, what she is doing, and why she is doing it. She must also maintain her own sense of identity. Her identity cannot be wrapped up in her husband's identity, the way that many married woman in monogamous marriages are and have become. This is simply because her husband is not always there to satisfy her needs.

A polygamy relation where there are two or more married women in the household can share their housework, cooking, caring for children, and freeing each other time to pursue independent goals and objectives. For any independent married women, it is one of the advantages. There are free times and energy to spend as one chooses. They can build-in a set of companionship and friends for fellowship, for sharing work as well as play, help and caring. Some married women in polygamy relations find themselves as free as they choose to speak in their minds. It is said that God has brought people together in a family for special reasons that are beneficial to each and every person and so out of every relationship in the family we can learn and grow.

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