Married Women In Different Cultures And Religions
Japanese Married Women
Japanese Married Women
  Throughout the Japanese history is it rare to find a time period or even a specific event where a woman is accredited as significantly changing the course of history. Women have been lower and suborned by the male gender, as well as the "law of culture".

In ancient Japan, women had limited choices. During the time of the Tokugawa Empire there was a ruling known as "Confucianism". Under this rule the role of women has become more restricted that ever before. Women were order to obey their brother, husband and son. The only options for women under Confucius rule was to either become a mistress (concubine) or a prostitute (courtesan).

The value of the Confucius ideas was apparent in the way women were treated and viewed. Men had competed authority over property, marriage, and divorce. As a Japanese married woman she is supposed to obey her husband up infinite extent. Young Japanese girl will have their parent arranged their marriage. Once a girl is married they are to live with her husband and rarely return home.

Today, the view of men dominating over women still exists in the older generation. Male are still believe to be the head of the household. Women still have little say. This view is forever changing in the younger generation as they are being influence by the western counterpart. They now are stepping towards equal says and rights between both man and woman.

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