Married Women In Different Cultures And Religions
Christian Married Women
Christian Married Women
  A Christian marriage usually takes place in a church, before a priest or a celebrant. The Christian bride traditionally wears a white gown. The bride head is covered with a white veil and she would hold a brunch flower.

The bride then enters the church with her father and proceeds do the altar, with the bridesmaids, flower girls, and page boys. The father then hands his daughter to the groom. The bridal pair then comes forward to the altar rails and priest talks about the couple who are to be joined in marriage.

Hymns are sung by the guests or choir followed by reading from the Bible. In presence of the 2 witnesses from each side, the groom, and the bride declares their intention to take each other as man and wife. The bride and the groom then declare the wedding rows. The priest or the celebrant blesses the rings before they begin to exchange by the couple. They are then announces as man and wife. The groom then seals the vow with a kiss to the bride.

Under the christianly, married women can still work and have her place in the society and community. She may also wish to stay at home to do her daily chores and if they have children she can look after them. A Christian married woman can have equals shares to the assets that is own by her husband. If the marriage fail she can chose to divorce and remarry again.

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