Married Women In Different Cultures And Religions
Western Married Women
Western Married Women
  In our history, married women have been respected by their husband, families and society. They have been seen and treated with equal opportunities in the community. In the household married women are given respects, love, and care from their husband. Married women in the household perform the take of gathering and preparing food and tending the children. Wives in the home are literally responsible for the smooth operation of the household. It is often that the help to build, repair, and maintain their homes. The house belongs to the women.

When a woman is married, their husband will came to live with the wife's family and eventually in their own home.

Today, western cultures are still very much the same. Married women still have the freedom to do what she wishes including remarry or choosing a divorce. After they are married they can still work even after they have children.

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